About Outlier

Hosted by the Data Visualization Society, Outlier is an online conference that reflects and celebrates the global visualization community.

Outlier aims to put forward a diversity of perspectives and ideas. Our team works really hard to recruit speakers across backgrounds of race, gender, geographic location, tooling, background, focus, visibility, and seniority, to name a few. We also strive to be as inclusive as possible by providing, for example, income-conscious ticketing options and live captioning during the event.

The next Outlier event will take place on February 4-5, 2022.

There are two types of sections within this conference: curated and open, with the schedule alternating between the two. Curated sections look similar to the standard “conference structure”, with a higher focus on talks, and only one talk running at once. The open sections consist of unconference sessions, have several tracks running concurrently, and are fleshed out based on attendee interests and preferences.

The ticket sales will open by the end of 2021. Stay tuned!

Speaker curation

Anyone working in the visualization field can apply to speak. Check out our 2021 speaker lineup here.

Outlier speaker application questions follow a three-part structure:

  • About you: we ask you to fill in some basic details like your name, email address, timezone, social media tags, and bio. 
  • About the talk: here we dive deeper into the objective, target audience, title and subject area of the talk.
  • Your expertise: we ask you to share relevant work, a video of you speaking and to describe what diverse perspectives you’ll bring to the event. 

The applications will open from September 3 to October 10.

The team carefully reviews each application and selects the best candidates based on proposed talk quality and Outlier values. You can read more about last year’s speaker selection process here.

We will aim to alert selected speakers in early November.

Yes! We would love for you to apply. If you get selected, you’ll have the option to be paired with an experienced mentor who will help you prepare the talk.

All speakers selected for the curated portion of Outlier 2022 conference will receive an honorarium to cover the costs of putting together and recording their talk. The exact amount for 2022 will be confirmed closer to the conference.