The global data viz conference.

Videos from our 2022 edition are now public, including the Q&A!

The Outlier vision.

Hosted by the Data Visualization Society, Outlier will provide inspirational talks, the ability to meet and connect with others, and the opportunity for all attendees to have a voice.

The conference will also reflect and celebrate the global visualization community. We see this event as an opportunity to think outside of the box and make something unique and different.

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2022 Speakers.

Alex Garcia
Alice Feng
Ana Lucia Gonzalez
Becky Rush
Daisy Chung
Daniela Moyano Dávila
Doug Schepers
Eduardo España
Elias Chafloque
Lou Cox
Emre Kizilkaya
Gurman Bhatia
Johana Dueñas
Jonathan Schwabish
Jordan Wirfs-Brock
Julia Janicki
Kat Greenbrook
Kenneth Field
Lia Prins
Lizbeth Bravo Bedolla
Marlène Dorgny
Maxene Graze
Piero Zagami
Paolo Ciuccarelli
Rasagy Sharma
Robert Kosara
Sara Lenzi
Sean Willmott
Shawn Carrié
Sofia Martynovich
Tricia Govindasamy
Yan Naung Oak
Yaryna Serkez
Zan Armstrong

Jer Thorp

Talk recordings are now public!

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DVS Events Committee

Mollie Pettit
Evelina Judeikyte
Bill Tran
Duncan Geere
Lloyd Richards
Gabby Merite
Katy Liang
Céline Genest
Yi Ning Wong
Isabella Chua (Bella)
Naomi Smulders
Nöelle Rakotondravony
Johanna Einsiedler